“Cybele female care started working for me from the first week. The intense hot flashes I experienced stopped and the product gave me energy and good mood. Most importantly, it balanced my gastrointestinal system function, eliminating the constipation I had, something which was a huge problem for me. Now I go to the toilet every day. Cybele female care gave me back a normal life.” 

Vera Mentzi

“I’m 55 this year and in menopause. The worst part of menopause? My weight had gone up, and my energy levels had gone down. And don’t even get me started on the bloating. I have tried lots of products in the market and nothing seemed to be effective. Until I tried Cybele Female Care. My tummy went down and my energy went up. The feeling is amazing. Now I even sleep great at night. Cybele Female Care has worked for me when nothing else did”. 

Elli S.

“Cybele Female Care came into my life almost a year ago at the suggestion of my gynecologist. The transition to menopause bothered me, depriving me of my quality of life. Daily night hot flashes and sweats did not allow me to enjoy my sleep which was very important for me to be able to cope with my professional duties. General fatigue, fluctuating bad mood for no reason kept me away from my goals and desires. Finally, the swelling in my body made me incredibly sad. Cybele Female Care came to change all that and help me get my life back in my hands. I feel hormonally balanced, in a good mood and ready to take on my responsibilities, family, professional, social. Cybele Female Care is an integral part of my daily life and I could not have imagined it otherwise.”

Niki Anastasi

“I am 55 years old and having been recommended the product by my Gynecologist I have been taking Cybele Female Care tablets for just over 4 months now and found that they very quickly eliminated both my night sweats and hot flushes and it has definitely improved my overall energy levels. The customer care and service provided by Medaxis and Dr. Fotis Tsoumanis have been excellent”. 

Lea Widler

“I love this product so much. It helps me control the hormone problems that I was having and bloating body. Now I am slowly gaining back my balance and body shape. I plan to continue taking it and hope to see more results soon!” 

Korina P.

“Hot flashes and night sweats are gone; and so is my bloating”. 

Antonia I.

“My name is Yiota and I am taking Cybele Female Care for nine months. If you are looking to decrease symptoms caused by menopausal issues,this is the product for you! Give it some time and you will get back your life again”. 

Yiota P.

“I have started my experience with Cybele Female Care about 10 months ago, and I have seen my life transform in a positive way every day. Now I wake up every morning full of energy and ready to face successfully, and in a good mood above all, the multiple roles a regular day. I do not have to choose where I will prioritize, because I can just balance my professional, emotional and multiple social responsibilities at the same time. Cybele Female Care has helped me experience a daily revolution of positive energy, emotional balance and wellness”. 

Alexandra Panopoulou

“Great product, it has changed my life and most of all my sex life. I have one now whereas before it was non existent. Thanks Cybele Female Care”. 

Christina G.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and congratulate you for your product, Cybele Female Care. From the moment I started taking it, almost a year ago now, it added quality to my life, liberating me from the nightmare symptoms of menopause. I highly recommend it to all women who experience this nightmare. Finally, thank you for the excellent customer care you provide with all my repeated orders.” 

Athina Giakoumi

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